American Christmas Ornament Holiday Fundraising Program

Christmas Ornament Holiday Fund Raising Program

A Unique Fund Raising Program - Call 301.493.9273

Is your organization or school maximizing its fund raising money-making potential? Instead of asking people for donations outright, fundraisers are a great way of raising a significant amount of money in a short period of time while simultaneously bringing people together for a good cause!

(Note: the price reflects the entire fund raising kit, including an official ornament. See WHOLESALE PRICING for this year's discounted wholesale prices). Since the day of its inception A Christmas Ornament has worked with its company founders and the general public to promote one-of-a-kind collectible ornaments which interpret the history of the United States of America and our national government.

We continue the mission of our founders to deliver the finest quality keepsake Christmas ornaments. A Christmas Ornament offers a different kind of fund raising program: one that offers educational works of art at extremely reasonable prices. The key to successful fund raising is to make the program simple for your organization. Our collectible ornaments are found in the finest stores world-wide and literally sell themselves.

How much money can you raise? Depending on how much money your organization wishes to raise, how many people will be selling the ornaments and how you price the ornaments you sell: we supply your organization with ornaments and customers’ order forms at the prices you establish. Your organization can make large sums of money in a short period of time, especially because we have such a low initial wholesale price. Our combination of quality, convenience and value has a great track record for generating many, many sales which translates to greater profits.

As fund raising participants see their sales pile up they become more enthusiastic in their efforts, which in turn leads to even more sales and profits. The consumer knows that a sizable portion of the proceeds are going to a good cause: YOURS’!

How does the payment work? Monies for all orders placed should be collected at the time of the order. All checks for purchases should be payable to your fund raising entity. Cash may also be acceptable: the decision is up to the fund raising entity. At the end of the fund raising campaign the chairperson collects the monies and places the order with us. Full payment is due at the time the order is placed with us.

How does the fundraiser work?

Successful fund raising is not magic; it is simply hard work on the part of people who are thoroughly prepared. People who know little about your organization give little at best. Focus on people who know and like your organization. These people will support you! Be ready, willing, and able to "sell" your organization and the programs for which you are raising money. Make sure that you are asking for a specific amount. Do Not leave it up to the donor to decide how much to give. People with money to give are accustomed to being asked for it. The worst thing that could happen is potential supporters will politely decline and even then, they're likely to be supportive … even apologetic.

Who is eligible to participate in the Fund Raising Program?

All organizations are permitted to join the A Christmas Ornament Fund Raising Program with the assurance that they comply with the following requirements: Your organization must conduct your fund raising event in accordance with accepted principles of sound business and financial management. Your organization must use donations only for the donors' intended purposes.

How do I get started? Call 301.493-9273 Today

First, you will need to download our A Christmas Ornament Fund raising Kit. The Fund Raising Kit is a manual filled with fund raising ideas for your team, league, school, church, youth group, club or other non- (or for) profit organization, along with a sample order submission form which you are free to copy.


Your fundraisers/salespersons can print out the Fund raising Kit, take home a sample ornament and show it to their neighbors, friends, family, and so on. Each individual participating in the fundraiser should keep all payments in their Order Collection Envelope, and record each sale on the Order Form.

Always develop campaign time-lines for campaign leaders and front-line fundraisers: often times long-running campaigns diminish enthusiasm. At the end of the fund raising campaign (we recommend 2 - 4 weeks in duration) the envelopes should be collected by the chairperson, and the total order tallied on the submission form along with payment and any shipping/handling charges. The chairperson keeps the individual order forms.

How long does it take to get the Ornaments?

Orders are processed quickly! You do not have to wait 6 weeks like most fundraisers. We typically can have your order shipped to you within 7 to 14 days from receipt and payment of order.

Do you ever change the Fund Raising Kit? Yes, the Fund Raising Kit is revised and released once a year.

Can we get samples of the Christmas Ornaments to our family and friends? Yes, click below and order the amount of samples you need. We suggest one for every fundraiser.

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All ornaments are insured and delivered to your home by the United States Postal Service. USPS is committed to doing "absolutely, positively" whatever it takes to deliver the ornaments to you.

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